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Over the years our principles and associates have worked on numerous projects. The following is a sample of these projects across various sectors.
Following the acquisition of a company that developed software for use in the private banking sector, our client was concerned that the functional specification for the product was lacking in detail and clarity. We analyzed the software, spoke with the original developers, and ended up writing a comprehensive functional specification.
Our client in the semi-conductor industry, had developed a Sales Order Processing system. They needed documentation so that their employees could learn how to use the system. We developed the necessary task-oriented documentation that detailed the workflow they had to follow and the task instructions they had to perform.
In wholesale equities brokerage, our client was deploying a front end trading system. Extensive customization of the "off the shelf" system was being performed. For regulatory reasons, the processes performed by the traders and support staff needed to be documented. We analyzed what needed to be done and wrote the necessary process documentation during various release cycles.
Our client, a Worldwide Payment System, requires extensive testing of cards, terminals, and systems before they can be used in the live environment. These testing services were being outsourced, and the existing processes were subsequently changing. We analyzed what the customers need to do to interact with these services and developed customer-focussed process guides and associated marketing collateral.